Dr. Justin B Terry-Smith (DrPH) an Air Force disabled veteran, was honorably discharged with awards and decorations in 2003. He is known for his writing, HIV activism, and speaking appearances. He writes and has written for many publications including Black AIDS Institute,,, Baltimore Gay Life, POZIAM Radio, and Swerve Magazine.
He also has been interviewed by Fox 5 News, NBC 4, WUSA News 9, the Logo Network, GLO TV, Washington Blade, and other news video and radio outlets. Justin created ‘Justin’s HIV Journal’ on to advocate for HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and awareness. In his journal, he tells people about the trials and tribulations when it comes to living with HIV/AIDS. He created the HIV Campaign called, ‘Write A Letter to HIV Campaign’, which can be found on
He is also the Author of the HIV themed children’s book called, “I Have A Secret”, which is a story about a young boy living with HIV. He writes an HIV/STI Advice Column called ‘Just*in Time’ for A&U Magazine. Justin has his Doctorate in Public Health with a concentration in Infectious Disease. He currently is a professor at Anne Arundel Community College. Justin resides in Maryland with his husband Dr. Philip B Terry-Smith, they have two sons. He is proud to identify as a Black Gay Jewish man

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